How to not find yourself failing a class in college

We understand that college differs a lot from school, leaving a lot of newcomers stressed and anxious, but the best advice here would be just to pay attention early on, get familiar with your class schedule for better time management and never look down on your essay requirements, as they matter quite a lot.
Freshmen sometimes disregard studies, thinking: "Do you even have to retake a class if you get a D in college?" Yes, you do!
Freshman year is particularly challenging for that exact reason, as you don't want to leave a bad impression to your professors.
Another very helpful tip would be to go and ask your professors about the lecture where you don't quite understand everything, as this will make you both look good in their mind and make you better get the subject.
Study now, to rock that college class ring later!

How to engage in college activities

People often overlook college events and view them as nothing more than some university's attempt to be "relatable" or find some skilled players for their sports team, but college activities outside of class are a great icebreaker and are the easiest way to find yourself more comfortable around different people.
Using every opportunity to be involved in college events will definitely help you a lot, as it will get extra points on your report card, but it will also mean meeting a lot of new people.
Though it may be hard at first to balance your time between studies and activities and not go overboard, with more experience you will certainly find the golden middle ground.
We suggest carefully looking through everything your college offer, whether it's something happening exclusively in your college, like the race class in Smith college, or something more universal, like the college football recruiting class rankings.

Are there any services to help me?

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